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Saturday, February 26, 2005

Pilot sites selected for joint registry project

By Katherine Sale

The American Joint Replacement Registry (AJRR) pilot project is underway! In May 2004, the Hospital Recruitment Committee, under the leadership of William J. Maloney, MD, presented the names of 15 pilot sites to the AJRR Oversight Board, chaired by David G. Lewallen.

After receiving approval on the selections, the Hospital Committee distributed site packets in July. The pilot phase began with 15 pilot sites and currently has 12 sites actively participating in the project.

Each selected site received a letter of intent, project overview, listing of site requirements and responsibilities, application process guide for gaining institutional review board (IRB) approval, record layout specifications, and required agreement forms.

Of the 12 active sites, six have already secured IRB approval. They are: University of Texas-Southwestern, Dallas; Barnes-Jewish Hospital, St. Louis; St. Joseph's Hospital-HealthEast Care System, St. Paul, Minn.; Sharp Memorial Hospital, San Diego, Calif.; Sutter Medical Center, Sacramento, Calif.; University of Wisconsin Hospital, Madison, Wisc.

Massachusetts General Hospital, Boston; New England Baptist Hospital, Boston; and St. Mary's Hospital, Knoxville, Tenn., are preparing to submit their applications this spring.

The data collection tool has undergone further testing and refinement and a training application is in the final stages of development. Additional materials for the sites, providing greater technical detail and information about the data collection tool, are being finalized and will be distributed in March.

Data collection

As the sites receive IRB approval and complete the required agreement forms with SunClinical Data Institute, they are scheduled for planning and installation of the data collection tool. Barnes-Jewish Hospital/Washington University-St. Louis was the first site to complete these requirements and is scheduled to begin data collection in the spring.

The AAOS extends its thanks to all the pilot sites, surgeons and their staffs for their hard work and dedication to the AJRR Pilot Project. The complete list of sites, the principal investigator at each site, participating physicians and AJRR coordinator follows.

Alamance Regional Medical Center
Principal Investigator: James P. Hooten Jr., MD
Participating physicians: James C. Califf, MD; Eduard F. Armour, MD; Harold B. Kernodle, MD Coordinator: Carol Hudson

Anne Arundel Medical Center
Principal Investigator: Marshall K. Steele III, MD
Participating physicians: Stephen E. Faust, MD; Paul J. King, MD; Marc F. Brassard, MD
Coordinator: Pat Travis

Barnes-Jewish Hospital
Principal Investigator: John C. Clohisy, MD
Participating physicians: Robert L. Barrack, MD; Stephen Burnett, MD
Data Coordinator: Terri St. John
IT Coordinator: Babs Vogelsang

St. Joseph's Hospital - HealthEast Care System
Principal Investigator: Terence J. Gioe, MD
Participating physicians: Peter J. Daly, MD; H. William Park, MD; Jack M. Bert, MD; Randy S. Twito, MD; Daniel P. Hoeffel, MD
Coordinator: Kathleen Killeen

Massachusetts General Hospital
Principal Investigator: Henrik Malchau, MD
Participating physicians: Harry E. Rubash, MD; Murali Jasty, MD; Andrew A. Freiberg, MD
Coordinator: Sarah Jane Wessinger

New England Baptist Hospital
Principal Investigator: Geoffrey J. Van Flandern, MD
Participating physicians: James V. Bono, MD; Benjamin E. Bierbaum, MD; Donald T. Reilly, MD; Stephen B. Murphy, MD
Coordinator: Stacey Langton

Rose Medical Center
Principal Investigator: Hal S. Crane, MD
Participating physicians: Douglas A. Dennis, MD; Todd Miner, MD; Brian D. Haas, MD
Coordinator: Linnet Jung

St. Mary's Medical Center
Principal Investigator: Matthew C. Nadaud, MD
Participating physicians: Brian M. Covino, MD; William T. Youmans, MD
Trish McDaniel - Coordinator

Sharp Memorial Hospital
Principal Investigator: Richard D. Coutts, MD
Participating physicians: Mark T. McBride, MD; Joseph J. Jankiewicz, MD; Richard F. Santore, MD; Michael P. Muldoon, MD
Coordinator: Mary Elington

Sutter Medical Center
Principal Investigator: William L. Bargar, MD
Participating physicians: Harold B. Strauch, MD; Thomas J. Blumenfeld, MD; David B. Coward, MD
Coordinator: Russ Sato

Parkland Memorial Hospital
UT Southwestern Medical School
Principal Investigator: Michael H. Huo, MD
Participating physicians: Robert W. Bucholz, MD; Richard E. Jones, MD; Frank A.B. Gottschalk, MD
Coordinator: Paula Lough

University of Wisconsin Hospital and Clinics
Principal Investigator: Richard L. Illgen II, MD
Participating physicians: John P. Heiner, MD; Gerald J. Lang, MD
Coordinator: Mary Ellen Hagenauer

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