Scientific exhibits on adult reconstruction hip and knee take top awards

Two scientific exhibits on adult reconstruction hip and one on adult reconstruction knee were honored as the best of the scientific exhibits yesterday.

In the adult reconstruction hip category, SE03, “Revision Hip Arthroplasty with Porous Tantalum Augments and Acetabular Shells,” revealed that successful acetabular reconstruction without subsequent loosening was achieved using porous tantalum shells and selectively tantalum augments. The exhibit was submitted by: David G. Lewallen, MD, of Rochester, Minn; Robert Michael Meneghini, MD, of Indianapolis; Robert A. Poggie, PhD, of Allendale, N.J.; and Arlen D. Hanssen, MD, of Rochester, Minn.

Also in the adult reconstruction hip category, SE10, “Vascularity of the Arthritic Femoral Head and its Implications in Resurfacing Arthroplasty of the Hip,” detailed that the arthritic femoral head still depends on extra osseous blood supply, which can be compromised by surgical technique and thermal necrosis from the cement. These insults could lead to a femoral neck fracture or loosening after hip resurfacing. The exhibit was submitted by: Paul E. Beaule, MD, of Ottawa, Ontario, Canada; Patricia A. Campbell, PhD, of Los Angeles; Zhen Lu, of Los Angeles; Martin Beck, MD, and Michael Leunig, MD, both of Bern Switzerland; Bert J. Thomas, MD, of Los Angeles; and Reinhold Ganz, MD, of Zurich, Switzerland.

In the adult reconstruction knee category, SE29, “Computer-Assisted vs. Manual TKA: A Case-Controlled Study,” found that clinical and radiographic results of TKA performed using CAS techniques were identical to those using manual instruments. Patients preferred CAS results. The exhibit was submitted by: S. David Stulberg, MD; Mark A. Yaffe, BS; and Samuel Koo, MD, all of Chicago.

In yesterday’s poster awards article, some information was unintentionally left out. The complete information follows:

Poster No. P352, “Administration of Human Mmp to Herniated Nucleus Pulposus—Facilitating Natural Resorption Process,” illustrates a new concept of treatment for HNP with rh MMP-facilitation of HNP resorption. The poster was submitted by: Hiromichi Komori, MD, of Tokyo; Kenichi Shinomiya, MD, of Tokyo; Dan M. Spengler, MD, of Nashville, Tenn.; and Hirotaka Haro, MD, and Yoshiki Hamada, MD, both of Yamanashi, Japan.

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