How ’bout them BONES?

By Julie Kahlfeldt

Have you ever wanted to know the average orthopaedic surgeon compensation? If your practice administrator is a member of the BONES Society, you may already know that the average total compensation for orthopaedic surgeons is $489,764.

The median is $446,026. Total compensation ranges from a low of $52,000 to a high of $1,627,660, according to the BONES Society 2005 Orthopaedic Practice Benchmarking Survey.

This information is just a snippet of valuable practice information included in the survey results. If your practice administrator is a member of BONES, participation in the survey, as well as access to the executive summary and a comprehensive online analysis and reporting tool, are among the benefits he or she enjoys.

The survey also focuses on administrator compensation; information concerning gross billed charges, collections, operating expenses and ancillary services; and numerousother practice characteristics. The value of the information gleaned from this survey alone far exceeds the annual BONES dues investment of $200.

What is BONES?

The BONES Society is an organization of orthopaedic practice administrators who represent solo practitioners, group practices and university-affiliated groups of all sizes. The organization was founded in 1969 and is the only national organization exclusively serving the needs of orthopaedic practice managers and administrators. Its membership of more than 1,400 represents approximately 10,000 orthopaedic surgeons nationwide.

No other organization is dedicated solely to the education of orthopaedic practice administrators. BONES educational programs are exceptional because they are geared specifically toward the specialty of orthopaedics. The society’s annual conference features courses on human resources, technology, legislation, coding, finance and many other relevant topics. Sessions are designed for the new, as well as the seasoned, administrator. Some sessions are facilitated by BONES members, while others are conducted by outside experts (attorneys, accountants, engineers).

Networking is a secondary focus of the BONES Society. The information obtained from other BONES members is invaluable to a practice administrator. Several sessions during the annual conference are dedicated to help members meet other administrators who are in the same state, work in the same size practice, or have concerns about the same issues. In addition, BONES has networking opportunities on its Web site and through its weekly e-mail news.

Sign up today

In today’s environment of declining reimbursement and technical challenges, you can’t afford not to send your practice administrator to the next BONES annual conference, to be held in Phoenix, May 21-23, 2006.

Enroll your practice administrator in the BONES Society today! Visit the BONES booth (#104), located with the allied organization educational exhibits in Hall A. You can also contact BONES at (800) 247-9699 or visit BONES on the Web.

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