Use AAOS public service ads in your community

The Academy’s public service announcement (PSA) campaigns provide a tremendous opportunity to increase public knowledge of the specialty of orthopaedics at the national, state and local levels. Featured topics span the scope of orthopaedic practice including injury prevention, the latest research and techniques, Bone and Joint Decade messages, and general musculoskeletal health and wellness-related information for adults and children.

Your involvement at the local level is encouraged and will contribute to this program’s success. Many resources are available for use in promoting your practice in your community, including posters and postcards of the ads featured in the PSA campaign, public relations and media training tool kits, and the opportunity for state societies to add their society tagline to the television PSA.

Posters and postcards

Each year, the campaign features different posters and postcards that focus on key campaign themes. These materials are intended for use throughout the year and for many years to come.

The PSA postcards come with important safety tips printed on the back, and can be sent to various audiences — including patients, the media and local officials — to reinforce the Academy’s key messages. State societies have also used them in new member drives and other specialized communications.

Here are some other suggestions on how to use the posters and postcards:

These community outreach materials are available through AAOS Customer Service for a modest shipping/handling charge only, and include many tools you can use at the local level to promote awareness of orthopaedists as the most qualified physicians to treat musculoskeletal conditions. Call (800) 626-6726 to place an order. For specific pieces of the package, contact PEMR directly at (847) 384-4036 or

Radio, TV, print PSAs

The Academy also provides a way for you to actively monitor the distribution and use of the television, radio and print PSAs in your state, to ensure that the appropriate people in your community are actually receiving them. This distribution list can be viewed by going to our distributor’s Web site. See the “Public Service Announcement” section of the Academy’s Public/ Media Web site for more details.

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