Media training, public relations manuals online

As an orthopaedic surgeon, you’re seen as a credible source of ideas and information on a variety of issues. Chances are you’ve already been approached by local print or broadcast reporters to explain the latest orthopaedic breakthrough, or give your viewpoint on some other health care issue.

To help you to negotiate these media interviews — and convey your messages effectively — the Academy has compiled detailed media training and public relations manuals, which are available for use by all Academy fellows. The manuals contain valuable guidelines, tips and techniques to help you develop your communications objectives and work effectively with the media in getting those messages to the public. The ‘ins and outs’ of working with all the media — including radio, TV, newspapers, magazines and online news sources — are addressed.

To download the manuals, just visit the PEMR section of the AAOS website. You will need your Academy username and password.

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