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By Carolyn Rogers

To encourage AAOS members’ direct participation in various public relations efforts and ensure that local outreach activities are effective, the Academy has developed wide array of public education and media relations resources for members. Most materials are available at no cost or for shipping/handling charges only.

If you don’t already engage in local public or media relations activities, consider getting involved with one of the many outreach programs and resources listed below. Nearly all of the materials can be ordered by contacting the Public Education and Media Relations (PEMR) department at (847) 384-4036, or Visit the PEMR booth (located across from the AAOS Resource Center bookstore in Hall B) to pick up some of the materials or find out more!

The public outreach resources currently available to AAOS members include:

Can we talk? Joan Rivers PSAs

The Academy recently teamed up with Joan Rivers for the new “Beauty is Bone Deep” public service announcement (PSA) campaign to prevent osteoporosis. Lifting her jewels, Joan discusses “weight-bearing exercises” as well as other helpful tips and advice on preventing osteoporosis. AAOS can provide you with posters, postcards, print ads, TV and radio spots to help you get the message out — weight bearing exercise, calcium and vitamin D are needed for healthy bones!

To learn more about using the Academy’s PSA campaign materials in your community, see the related article in this section.

Public Education DVD/CD for you and your patients

Educate your patients and the public about musculoskeletal issues in a fun, interesting way with our latest DVD/CD — “Public Education for you and your Patients.” Use it in your reception area or exam rooms on the “Play all” function and the DVD/CD will loop through PSAs, playground builds, Humanitarian Award winners, patient stories and more. Also included on the DVD is a CD portion you can use in your computer to lift a video piece and insert it into a PowerPoint presentation for talks you’re giving in your community.

Prerecorded announcements for your office telephone system

If you have to put a patient call on hold, put their time to good use by downloading these 10 prerecorded, 60-second messages on patient education topics such as backpack safety, alternative medication, winter sports injury prevention, falls prevention, playground safety and osteoarthritis.

The prerecorded messages can be downloaded from the “Members Only” section of the Academy’s Public/Media Web site at You will need your Academy username and password. CDs are available with both English and Spanish announcements.

Brochure: “Orthopaedic Surgeons: Who are they and what do they do?”

To receive the proper diagnosis and most appropriate treatment options for musculoskeletal conditions, people should consult an orthopaedic surgeon. However, the general public is often unaware of what orthopaedic surgeons do and the conditions they diagnosis and treat. This brochure informs the community and patients about what you do, conditions you treat and the difference you make in your patients’ lives. It can be downloaded from the “Members Only” section of the Public/Media Web site.

Ready-to-go community presentations

If there’s a health fair in your community, the Community Orthopaedics Awareness Program (COAP) can turn you into a star. COAP consists of several ready-to-go electronic presentations in PowerPoint format, and a tool kit that offers tips and techniques on how to use the program. The COAP presentations incorporate treatment options, injury prevention, health and wellness information on various orthopaedic topics. They can be downloaded from the “Members Only” section of the Public/Media Web site. A COAP CD is also provided in the Community Awareness Package. Current titles include:

The free Community Awareness Package ($16.95 shipping/handling fee) is available through AAOS Customer Service at (800) 626-6726. The package includes:

Traveling booth for health fair, local events

To assist you in promoting injury prevention, the Academy’s PEMR department has a Prevent Injuries America! (PIA) stand-alone booth available on loan. The PIA booth is an excellent tool to help highlight injury prevention messages in your local communities, and can be used at special events, meetings, lectures, seminars and health fairs. The booth is easily assembled and equipped with several interchangeable color panels focusing on patient safety, children’s bone health, injury prevention, advancements in orthopaedics, and the importance of daily exercise.

Patient-Centered Care kit

To help orthopaedists spread the word about patient-centered care (PCC) to their patients and communities, the Academy has created a free PCC kit for members. To order your kit, contact PEMR at (847) 384-4036 or

Each kit includes:

Online media training, public relations manuals

Reporters will call, so why not control the content, tone and accuracy of the messages being heard? The AAOS media training manual offers solid information on how to develop and deliver orthopaedic messages in your community, and advice on how to conduct effective media interviews. This invaluable resource also contains tips and techniques for talking to the media.

Want to get more involved in your local community? The AAOS public relations manual provides many ideas and suggestions for implementing a public relations campaign in your local community. Both manuals can be downloaded at, in the “Members Only” section.

Sample press releases, letters to the editor

Help educate your community about orthopaedic issues by submitting press releases and “letters to the editor” to your local newspaper. It’s easy; visit the “Members only” section of the Public/Media Web site ( to download sample letters on a wide range of topics. Just tailor the copy to fit your needs by inserting your name and practice/hospital information and distribute to local media.

Get Up! Get Out! Get Moving!

Daily exercise is important for musculoskeletal health and obesity prevention. Contact PEMR to request a kit with sample news releases, public service messages and other resources to help you communicate this important information to the public.

Osteoporosis Prevention for Adults and Children

Bookmarks and Bone Up on Bone Loss! fact sheets are available to help inform adults of all ages, parents and children about what they can do to prevent osteoporosis and bone loss. The materials are contained in the Community Awareness Resource kit, available from AAOS Customer Service at (800) 626-6726, or by contacting PEMR.

Patient Safety Is No Accident!

To help promote patient safety, request the Patient Safety Resource kit, which includes letters to the editor, sample news releases and other materials. Visit for more information and resources.

Prevent Injuries America!

The Academy’s ongoing injury prevention awareness campaign offers tips and information aimed at preventing or reducing injuries. Recent topics covered include spring cleaning, scooters, basketball, running, trampolines, swimming, skates/ skateboards, backpacks, back injuries and winter sports. To search recent news releases for injury prevention information, visit the AAOS Newsroom at

Help build a playground, or build one in your community

You can visibly support playground safety by helping to build a safe, accessible playground on the day before every Annual Meeting, or build a playground in your community. Contact PEMR to request an information packet to help get your project started.

Support the Bone and Joint Decade

Request a copy of the Bone and Joint Decade tool kit, which contains a variety of ideas to help you increase awareness of the Decade. For more information, contact PEMR or visit

Legacy of Heroes book, Wounded in Action film available

Request a free copy of the Legacy of Heroes book, or the film (DVD/ VHS) from PEMR, (847) 384-4039. Visit the project Web site at

If you have questions or need any assistance with your public outreach activities, contact Sandra Gordon, PEMR Director, at (847) 384-4030 or

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