Resolutions Committee meets today in open hearing

The AAOS Resolutions Committee will conduct an open hearing regarding the proposed resolutions of the American Academy of Orthopaedic Surgeons (Academy) and the American Association of Orthopaedic Surgeons (Association) at 1:30 p.m. today in Room S402B of McCormick Place. All fellows are encouraged to participate.

Each of the eight proposed resolutions up for vote is being considered as part of the required five-year review. The three Academy resolutions deal with recertification, the residency review committee and Federal Drug Administration (FDA) regulation of orthopaedic devices, biological and combination products and pharmaceuticals.

The five Association resolutions deal with health care financing and the tax code, billing codes for evaluation and management of physician services, prompt payment and uniform claims, physician practice in a managed care environment and Medicare reimbursement.

Copies of all resolutions and the recommendations of the Board of Councilors (BOC) and the AAOS Board of Directors (Board) were included in the Official Meeting Notice sent to each fellow in January.

The Resolutions Committee encourages all fellows to attend the open hearing and express their opinions before the committee makes its recommendations on the resolutions. All fellows will have the opportunity to vote on the committee’s recommendations on each of the proposed resolutions shortly after the 2006 Annual Meeting.

Academy Resolutions

Resolution #1—Recertification: The Board recommends that this resolution be rescinded. However, the BOC recommends that it be modified and retained as AAOS policy. If retained and modified as recommended by the BOC, this resolution would provide that “the Board of Directors of the Academy shall communicate with the American Board of Orthopaedic Surgery (ABOS) its serious concerns about the current recertification process.”

Resolution #2—Residency Review Committee: If retained as recommended and modified by the Board and the BOC, this resolution would provide “the Academy shall continue to strongly support the Residency Review Committee on Orthopaedic Surgery in its role of accrediting residency and fellowship programs in an efficient and effective manner.”

Resolution #3—FDA; Regulation of Orthopaedic Devices, Biological and Combination Products and Pharmaceuticals: The Board and the BOC both recommend that this resolution be modified and retained. If adopted as modified, it would provide “the Academy shall encourage the timely and efficient development, introduction and ongoing surveillance of orthopaedic devices, biological and combination products, and pharmaceuticals in order to facilitate the safety, monitoring and widespread availability of those products.”

Association Resolutions

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