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Saturday, February 15, 1997

Single screw used for medial malleolar ankle fractures

Hospital uses 'free-market' to reduce implant costs

Boston brace gets high marks in treating scoliosis

New polyethylene form highly wear-resistant

Much autologous blood unused in TKA

Early IDE results finds no difference in cemented and porous growth fixation

New hip cementing techniques do not stop aseptic failure

TKA eases neuropathic arthropathy pain

Obese patients have good hip replacement outcomes

Urges immediate use of autologous blood after surgery

Specialists' charges lower than community hospital's

Study casts doubt that failure of joint prostheses due to pores in cement

Arthritis patients satisfied with surgery outcomes

Watertubing interest, injuries increase

Study finds human BMP safe for spinal fusion

MRI not warranted for diagnosing wrist pathology

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