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Sunday, February 7, 1999

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Partnership with patients can wrest control from MCOs: Dr. D'Ambrosia

Developing World needs expertise of orthopaedists

75% of orthopaedic surgeons provide uncompensated care

27% of orthopaedic patients come from managed care sources

Ultrasound heals new fractures faster

Ultrasound heals tibial nonunions

Reconstructed UCL may protect implant from failing

Start Early with Plans for Retirement, Surgeons Told

First human trial with growth factor successful

MRI may have clinical use for location lesion

Orthopaedists tell need for osteoporosis prevention

Private pay patients decline 45% since 1998

OREF, specialty societies funding research

New treatments for compression fractures sought

Group A Strep awareness stressed

See how you compare to your fellow surgeons

Orthopaedics Overseas' program in Peru expanding

MRIs most accurate in high grade partial tears

New Academy officers installed

Dr. Canale offers support

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