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Sunday, February 07, 1999

See how you compare to your fellow surgeons

The Academy's biennial survey of orthopaedic surgeons in 1998 developed this profile:

During a typical week, an orthopaedic surgeon in full time clinical practice sees 22 new patients, provides 70 follow-up office visits, delivers 12 hospital vists and six emergency visits.

During a typical month, an orthopaedic surgeon provides, on average, 16 closed treatments of fractures or dislocations, 21 ambulatory/outpatient surgeries, 10 inpatient surgeries and acts as a surgical assistant in five additional procedures.

The average orthopaedic surgeon practices 47 weeks a year, takes about 3.7 weeks vacation and spends 10 days away on continuing medical education and professional development.

Orthopaedists spend, on average, about 57 hours a week practicing orthopaedics; those under age 44 work about 60 hours and those in their early to mid-60s, about 49 hours

About 50 hours are spent on patient care, including, 23.5 hours seeing patients in the office; 16.1 hours in the operating room, including waiting time before surgery; 3.2 hours in the hospital ER or outpatient clinic; 4.3 hours making hospital rounds; 0.2 hours with patients in extended care facilities; and 3.4 hours in activities such as interpreting X-rays or lab tests, consultation with other physicians and telephone contact with patients.

About 61 percent of orthopaedic surgeons in full-time clinical practice also have teaching responsibilities and spend, on average 8.5 hours a week in this activity.

The data is published in the "Orthopaedic Practice in the U.S. 1998/1999" which was developed by the department of research and scientific affairs.

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