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Sunday, February 07, 1999

27% of orthopaedic patients come from managed care sources

More than 27 percent of orthopaedic surgeons' patients are from managed care sources, according to data from the Academy's biennial survey of orthopaedic surgeons in the "Orthopaedic Practice in the U.S. 1998/1999." The national average increased to 27.1 percent last year from 25.5 percent in the 1996 survey.

The 1998 survey data disclosed that orthopaedic surgeons in Colorado have the highest percent of managed care patients in the nation-37.4 percent, an increase from 34.30 percent in 1996. California orthopaedists reported the percent of patients in managed care was holding steady at 36.8 in the 1998 and 36.50 in 1996.

The Pacific and Southwest states and the urbanized New England states had high percentages of managed care patients; less densely populated areas, including the Northern Plains and Mountain states had the lowest.

The data was collected and analyzed by the Academy's department of research and scientific affairs.

Percent of patients from managed care sources

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