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Sunday, February 07, 1999

75% of orthopaedic surgeons provide uncompensated care

Approximately three-fourths (74.2 percent) of orthopaedic surgeons provide care to patients from whom they neither expect nor receive any compensation, according to the Academy's Orthopaedic Practice in the U.S. 1998/1999.

The data from the Academy's biennial survey of orthopaedic surgeons disclosed that 51 percent indicate that over the last five years, the amount of uncompensated or reduced compensation care they provide had increased; 46 percent said it had declined.

Orthopaedic surgeons provide, on average, 40 professional hours per month of uncompensated or reduced compensation care. This includes 9.6 hours where compensation is neither expected nor received; 12.6 hours where compensation is expected, but not received; and 17.6 hours where compensation is Medicaid or similar reduced compensation.

The data was collected and analyzed by the Academy's department of research and scientific affairs.

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