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Thursday, February 22, 1996

Guest Speaker William Bennett on Friday

Guest Speaker Ricardo Martinex, administrator of the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, on Saturday

Guest Speaker Rep. Newt Gingrich (R-Ga.) on Friday

Resolutions, Bylaws committees to hold open hearings on resolutions

1995 - 1996 Academy's Secretary Report

Academy president urges unity of musculoskeletal providers

James W. Strickland, MD, Academy president, tells what the goals are for an 'external summit' of musculoskeletal providers and answers other questions about the future of the Academy and specialty of orthopaedic surgery.

Work begins on work force computer program

The Rand Corp. has started work on an orthopaedic work force study and supporting data system that will assess market demand and public health needs for orthopaedic services currently and in the future. The project was recommended by the Academy's Task Force to Study the Orthopaedic Workforce, chaired by 1995 Academy President Bernard F. Morrey, MD.

What orthopaedic surgeons should know about the Food and Drug Administration's classification system for medical devices

ORS president expresses optimism about future of orthopaedic research orthopaedic research

Board of Directors gives go-ahead to data collection programs

Marshall R. Urist, MD, pioneer in the research in tissue morphogenetic proteins, was honored by the Orthopaedic Research Society Tuesday.

Mattresses and sleep play role in low back pain

A survey of the membership of the Atlanta Orthopaedic Association found most believe that mattresses play an important role in the management of low back pain, with a firm, but not hard, mattress most frequently recommended.

New approach for leg fracture repair

A new lateral parapatellar approach for nail insertion prevents development postoperatively of malalignment in the coronal plane (valgus deformity), according to a study of intramedullary nailing of fractures of the proximal tibia.

Study finds improved functional outcomes after ACL surgery

Scientific exhibit highlights innovations in virtual reality

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