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Friday, February 23, 1996

New technique for stabilizing intertrochanteric hip fractures

A buttress plate with two superior extensions for auxiliary screw fixation is helping orthopaedic surgeons at the Hospital for Joint Diseases stabilize posteromedial fragments in complex intertrochanteric hip fractures.

Total knee arthroplasty improves function, lessens pain in arthritis patients

A study of 15 patients, average age 56 years, between 1986 and 1995 found total knee arthroplasty improves function and reduces pain in patients with post-traumatic arthritis.

Manual or motorized distraction offers same results in healing

A study of 70 patients using the same type of fixator for bone lengthening found that using motorized rather than traditional manual techniques for limb lengthening does not improve the rate of bone healing or reduce complications.

Anterior cervical fusion study finds improved results with internal fixation

A review of the medical records of 171 patients found that anterior cervical spine fusion with rigid internal fixation increases the incidence of fusion and lowers the complication rate.

Cemented hip replacement relieves pain of juvenile rheumatoid arthritis

Cemented total hip replacement reduces pain and improves function for juvenile rheumatoid arthritis (JRA) patients, according to a 10-year follow-up study. However, the author said the procedure should be reserved for only the most severely affected patients who may be unable to walk and whose pain cannot be relieved by other means.

High surface stress may damage contemporary knee components

A scientific exhibit (S 25) on factors influencing the longevity of ultra high molecular weight polyethylene (UHMWPE) tibial components shows high surface stresses increase the potential for polymer damage and represent an etiological mechanism which catalyzes component wear and debris generation.

Drunk, drugged drivers suffer more serious injuries

Drivers under the influence of alcohol are more severely injured and have a higher incidence of hip dislocations and fractures in motor vehicle accidents than drivers who are sober.

Rehabilitation helps older athletes who suffer ACL tears

Athletes over the age of 40 who have anterior cruciate ligament (ACL) reconstruction, followed by a year-long rehabilitation regimen, can expect to return to their previous athletic level and have a lower reinjury risk than patients who are treated nonoperatively according to a study presented Thursday in scientific paper 24.

Spine injuries often more serious than they seem

When it comes to treating patients who have spinal cord injuries, "unfortunately there are no miracles at this time," said Herndon Murray, MD, assistant medical director at the Shepherd Center in Atlanta. "If the spinal cord tissue is injured, we don't have a whole lot we can do."

New fellows urged to keep standards high

Excerpts from Thursday's Annual Meeting Address to Incoming Class, by 1993 Academy President Augusto Sarmiento, MD.

Orthopaedists face challenges of aging population

An aging America presents orthopaedic surgeons with an enormous new challenge: how to provide comprehensive musculoskeletal care that will enable elderly patients to remain independent.

Growth factors offer promise for treating orthopaedic problems

Growth factors may one day provide important nonsurgical treatments for orthopaedic conditions, a panel of researchers said Thursday at a press conference held prior to a symposium sponsored by the Orthopaedic Research Society and the Academy.

Hepatitis C correlates with tattoos, IV drug abuse, says study

Orthopaedic surgeons may want to give extra attention to their patients' histories based on the results of a study of the incidence of hepatitis C infection in orthopaedic patients.

Surgical techniques increase success of TKR revision

Total knee replacements are among the most successful procedures. However, many complications can necessitate revision. Preventing failure of primary total knee joint replacements (TKR) and handling these problems when they do occur were the topics of a Thursday symposium on 'Surgical Challenges in Revision Total Knee Replacement.'

Common questions and answers about "Stark II"

Early diagnosis the key to treating osteoarthritis

In recent years new knowledge of cartilage and bone at the molecular level has improved the understanding of mechanisms in tissue breakdown and repair. The study of altered synthesis and breakdown of matrix molecules provides important information on mechanisms in diseases which affect joint structures.

Gamma sterilization increases oxidation, says study

Increasing the success rate of surgical repair using polyethylene tibial components may hinge on uncovering the mechanisms behind delamination and damage.

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