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Saturday, February 24, 1996

New surgical technique avoids complications in tendon repair

A new surgical technique for patella/quadriceps tendon repair allows immediate range of motion and full weightbearing without the concern for repeat rupture or fatigue failure of metal cerclage wiring

Smoking linked to Legg-Perthes disease

Orthopaedic surgeons found in a survey of 172 children with Legg-Perthes disease that 86 percent live with parents who smoke.

Ultrasound detects healing progress earlier than X-rays

A new study proves that ultrasound shows fracture healing progress and the possible need for secondary surgery to correct a problem weeks earlier than X-rays can provide this information.

Surgical technique may help prevent glenohumeral instability

A new study stresses the importance of surgical technique to prevent glenohumeral instability following shoulder replacement arthroplasty.

New bone paste heals fractures faster than traditional methods

Orthopaedic researchers have found that a bone paste compound injected through the skin into a wrist fracture will heal bones faster than traditional methods.

Bone protein extract may replace bone grafts

Osteoinductive bone protein extract (BP), a substance that stimulates new bone growth, may one day replace bone grafts and the associated screws, pins, plates, and rods used for spinal fusion.

Cast most effective treatment for plantar faciitis

Responses from a patient satisfaction survey taken during a 10-year period indicated that a cast was the most effective treatment to correct plantar fasciitis.

Alcohol and drug use linked to fractures

A study of hospital trauma center records of patients admitted with fractures found that 30 percent were legally intoxicated (41 percent had positive blood alcohol concentrations) and 22 percent tested positive for one or more illicit drug substances in their urine.

First generation prosthesis improves hip arthroplasty

A new study has found that using a first generation cementless hip prosthesis improves the success rate of primary hip arthroplasty.

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