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Friday, February 23, 1996

New buttress plate used for complex hip fractures

A buttress plate with two superior extensions for auxiliary screw fixation is helping orthopaedic surgeons at the Hospital for Joint Diseases stabilize posteromedial fragments in complex intertrochanteric hip fractures. The technique is highlighted Friday in poster exhibit B 37.

"This technique has been used in 12 patients at the Hospital for Joint Diseases, and all fractures have successfully healed without loss of fixation or hardware failure," said Frederick J. Kummer, PhD, associate director of orthopaedic research, Hospital for Joint Diseases, New York.

Orthopaedic surgeons attach the buttress plate over the proximal end of a standard sliding hip screw using the proximal screw of the femoral side plate.

Four auxiliary side holes (two anterior and two posterior) are available which can accommodate 3.5 mm cortical or 4.0 mm cancellous standard or cannulated screws. The device permits screw angulation up to 30 degrees in any direction to fix and stabilize the posteromedial fragment.

According to Dr. Kummer, the operative procedure involves closed reduction of the intertrochanteric fracture; mobilization and provisional fixation of the posteromedial fragment; and application of the sliding hip screw and side plate followed by the attachment of the U-shaped plate extension.

Co-authors of the study, all from the Hospital for Joint Diseases, are Joseph D. Zuckerman, MD, chairman of the department of orthopaedic surgery and surgeon-in-chief; and Kenneth J. Koval, MD, chief, fracture service.

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