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Saturday, February 24, 1996

Orthopaedic Research and Education Foundation raises $4.3 million

Thanks to the support of the orthopaedic community, the Orthopaedic Research and Education Foundation (OREF) was able to raise $4.3 million despite of an ever-changing healthcare environment. These funds were raised in what proved to be an especially challenging fundraising environment.

"Our success is due to the support of the individual orthopaedic surgeons, corporations and friends who believe firmly in advancing our specialty through research and education," said Garth Russell, MD, president, Board of Directors, OREF. "We are very thankful for the ongoing support of our current donors and are hopeful that an increasing number of surgeons will join in the effort in 1996 to see that funds are available for high quality research and education programs."

Although it was a challenging year, there were significant strides made. For example, for the first time ever there are more new donors contributing to the OREF than there were non-renewed donations. Additionally, the attrition rate decreased in 1995 versus 1994 which means that more of the current donor base continued to support the OREF than in previous years.

OREF will continue to encourage contributions at the $1,000 Order of Merit level, but also recognize that circumstances will not allow all surgeons to give at this level. As a result, OREF will put particular emphasis on giving at all levels with the hope that a higher percentage of surgeons will decide to contribute.

The OREF Board of Trustees has approved the recommendations for funding established by the OREF Peer Review committees. The foundation will immediately commit to more than $2.5 million in funding. Of this amount, more than $600,000 will be used by various specialty societies to fund high priority research and education projects. These funds are available as a result of the new giving initiative that began in 1995. The program allows individuals and corporations to express interest in a specific area within the specialty. This program represents an important step for OREF in its efforts to serve the entire orthopaedic community.

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