Members find JAAOS to their liking, says Cooney

Members find JAAOS to their liking, says Cooney

By G. Jake Jaquet

William P. Cooney III, MD, editor-in-chief of the Journal of the American Academy of Orthopaedic Surgeons (JAAOS), reported to the AAOS Board of Directors at its Monday meeting that “JAAOS had an excellent year in 2006.” The journal continues to build on the success of its new monthly publication schedule and new features inaugurated in 2005.

Outreach efforts

International circulation of the JAAOS English-language edition remains at 30,000 and international readership—including the journal’s foreign-language translations—brings total circulation to nearly 40,000. Dr. Cooney also noted that thanks to the efforts of the AAOS public relations department, elements of JAAOS content have been reported on in nonmedical publications, such as newspapers and popular magazines, with resulting exposure to as many as 10 million people across the country.

In September 2006, JAAOS published its first supplement, Extremity War Injuries(EWI): State of the Art and Future Directions, the record of presentations made at the first EWI Symposium held in Washington, D.C., in January 2006. The special issue—drawing on the editorial supervision and project management of its own editor-in-chief (Lawrence Marsh, MD, JAAOS deputy editor for trauma)—was more than three times the size of an average monthly issue. The issue was extremely well received and its content is posted to the AAOS Web site. Another supplement is planned for publication in 2007, covering the J. Robert Gladden Society symposium Perspectives in Orthopaedic Professionalism, Diversity, and Health Disparities.

Readership survey

Dr. Cooney concluded his report with the results of a September 2006, JAAOS readership survey. The key finding of the survey was that most readers like JAAOS just the way it is and that no significant changes are warranted or desirable.

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