Resolutions Committee Open Hearing is today

Resolutions Committee Open Hearing is today

The AAOS Resolutions Committee will conduct an Open Hearing regarding the proposed resolutions of the American Academy of Orthopaedic Surgeons (Academy) and the American Association of Orthopaedic Surgeons (Association) at 1:30 p.m. today in Room 8 of the San Diego Convention Center. All fellows are encouraged to participate.

A newly proposed Association resolution on the Advance Notification Date of the Nominating Committee’s Recommendations will be considered. Also under consideration will be three Academy resolutions as part of the required five-year review process and two Association resolutions, also as part of the five-year review process. The Academy resolutions deal with the public relations efforts of the AAOS, routine HIV testing of hospitalized patients, and HIV-infected healthcare workers; the Association resolutions deal with AAOS dues for fellows in active duty military and reduced Medicare fees for orthopaedic surgeons. Copies of all resolutions and the recommendations of the Board of Councilors (BOC), the Board of Specialty Societies (BOS/COMSS) and the AAOS Board of Directors were included in the Official Meeting Notice sent to each fellow in January 2007.

The Resolutions Committee encourages all fellows to attend the Open Hearing and express their opinions before the Committee makes its recommendations on the resolutions. All fellows will have the opportunity to vote on the recommendations of the Resolutions Committee on each of the proposed resolutions shortly after the 2007 Annual Meeting.

Academy Resolutions

Resolution #1—Public Relation Efforts of the AAOS: If adopted as modified and proposed by the Board of Directors and supported by the BOC and the BOS/COMSS, this resolution would continue the Academy’s efforts to represent “orthopaedic surgeons as highly qualified and compassionate professionals who care for the diseases of the entire musculoskeletal system” and places oversight of this initiative with the Communications Cabinet.

Resolution #2—Routine HIV Testing of Hospitalized Patients: The BOC, BOS/COMSS, and the Board of Directors recommend rescinding this resolution, and recommend compliance with current public health policy.

Resolution #3—HIV-Infected Health Care Workers: The BOC, BOS/COMSS, and the Board of Directors recommend rescinding this resolution, and recommend compliance with current public health policy.

Association Resolutions

One new, duly-submitted Association resolution will be discussed at the 2007 Annual Meeting. Two additional resolutions will be considered under the five year review process.

Resolution #4—Advance Notification Date of Nominating Committee Recommendations: The intent of this resolution is to move up the date when the AAOS Nominating Committee will announce and distribute the list of proposed candidates for AAOS officer and other positions. If adopted as proposed, effective at the 2009 Annual Meeting, the Nominating Committee would be required to announce its list of nominees for AAOS officer and other positions at least 60 days in advance of the Annual Meeting. The BOC supports this resolution. The AAOS Board of Directors has established a workgroup to review the entire nomination and announcement process, and opposes the adoption of this resolution. The BOS/COMSS also opposes its adoption.

Resolution #5—Active Duty Military Dues: This resolution originally proposed a dues reduction for fellows and candidate members serving active duty in the U.S. Army, Navy or Air Force, including military reservists who have been activated by the government. Because this policy is already in effect, the AAOS Board of Directors, the BOC, and the BOS/COMSS recommend rescinding this resolution.

Resolution #6—Reduced Medicare Fees for Orthopaedic Surgeons: This resolution would continue support of the AAOS in negotiations to eliminate inequities in the physician fee schedule and in efforts to address issues such as inappropriate physician work values, practice expense values, evaluation and management code values, and other potential problems with the Medicare physician payment system. The Board, BOC and BOS/COMSS all support retaining this resolution.

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