Colleagues share admiration, support for Dr. Zirkle

Colleagues share admiration, support for Dr. Zirkle

“Dr. Zirkle is living evidence that one AAOS surgeon can change the world.”—Stephen S. Tower, MD

“Dr. Zirkle’s accomplishments exactly define a humanitarian and hero. He has established and nurtured the building blocks for enduring equality of fracture care throughout the world, not through one or two visits to a country in need, but via a lifetime commitment of developing and sharing his special gifts on a worldwide stage.”—John R. Perry, MD

“Lew has truly made a difference in the world. I am humbled by his commitment and energy, and honored to be his friend.”—Richard H. Gross, MD

“Lew has been an antidote to barriers of nationality, culture, religion, and race. SIGN surgeons around the world have become a brotherhood…The fact that the SIGN nail is now being used by the U.S. military on injured Iraq civilians, and in Iran…speaks loudly to the concept of ‘Many Points of Light.’ Dr. Zirkle and SIGN are bright lights.”—David S. Whitney, MD

Lew is a true humanitarian—a person who unselfishly and generously gives of himself—of his vision, his passion, his energy, his skill and his resources—for the betterment of others. By doing so, he recognized and honors the dignity of each and every human being, and his life and actions inspire and call each of us to join him in doing the same.”—Dan Wodrich, former executive director of SIGN

“After the tsunami, I received an e-mail from Dr. Zirkle, who wanted to come and help me in managing orthopaedic patients in Aceh. He indeed came and helped victims of the tsunami who were in need of orthopaedic operations. He taught me the SIGN nail implant technique and donated SIGN implants sets and other orthopedic instruments. I am very proud of Dr. Zirkle. I consider him as my own father and as a friend.”—Dr. A. Azharuddin, Bande Aceh, Indonesia

“Dr. Zirkle is the prototype of a humanitarian orthopaedic surgeon.”—Garard A. Engh, MD

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