April 2000 Bulletin

California No. 1 for job seekers, job opportunities

California and North Carolina top the list of states where orthopaedic surgeons would most like to practice.

The two states have been consistently favored by orthopaedists seeking job opportunities through the AAOS Placement Service. An analysis of preferences of orthopaedists as of February, shows 35.9 percent favor California and 30.8 percent, North Carolina. This is a reversal of positions since 1998 when North Carolina was first with 36.36 percent and California, second with 31.21 percent.

Florida, listed by almost 28 percent of orthopaedists, was third this year, moving up from fourth place two years ago. Virginia, preferred by 27.4 percent of orthopaedists, moved from fifth to fourth place. Colorado slipped from third to fifth place, but still is preferred by more than 26 percent of orthopaedists.

California also leads with the most job opportunities. An analysis of 908 opportunities listed by the AAOS Placement Center shows California had 8.37 percent of jobs; followed by Florida, 7.05 percent; New York, 5.62 percent; Illinois, 5.4 percent; and, New Jersey, 4.96 percent.

A closer look at the states found that in 1998 there were 1,933 orthopaedic surgeons in California, the most of any state. The Academy’s department of research and scientific affairs found there were 5.91 orthopaedic surgeons per 100,000 population in the state, slightly higher than the 5.85 average for all 50 states. The mean percent of their patients in managed care was 36 percent, compared to the national figure of 27.1 percent.

North Carolina had 459 orthopaedic surgeons, or 6.08 per 100,000 population. The mean percent of their patients in managed care was 18.96.

For more information see the articles Preferred states, Number and density of orthopaedic surgeons by state, 1998 and Managed care penetration, 1992-1998.

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