April 2002 Bulletin

Two patient education brochures revised

Two patient education brochures–"Orthopaedics" and "Fractures"–have recently been revised and are now available for purchase.

"Orthopaedics" is a four-panel brochure that provides an overview of orthopaedics and the role of orthopaedic surgeons in treating musculoskeletal disorders.

"Fractures," is an eight-panel brochure that describes how fractures occur, the type of fractures, how fractures are treated, and fracture prevention.

Both brochures are printed in full color and are available in packages of 125 at a cost of $40 per package. To order "Fractures", ask for Product no. 03-011 or to order "Orthopaedics", ask for Product no. 03-001. If you purchase more than one package, discounts apply. To order either or both of the new brochures, contact AAOS customer service at (800) 626-6726 (call 847-823-7186 if outside the U.S.) or e-mail custserv@aaos.org.

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