April 2002 Bulletin

OO-OREF Traveling Fellowship available

The Orthopaedics Education and Research Foundation (OREF) recently awarded Orthopaedics Overseas (OO) a grant to fund senior resident rotations to active Orthopaedics Overseas sites. This experience for the resident provides exposure to a wide range of pathologies not commonly seen in the United States, as well as an introduction to issues in effective cross-cultural communication.

Working without the vast array of resources available in typical American health care settings, residents must learn to be flexible, to adapt to different circumstances and to hone their decision making skills.

Fellows will receive round trip airfare to the site, housing and a stipend. Assignments are four weeks in length, although longer rotations are possible if appropriate. Fellows are expected to submit a report to Orthopaedics Overseas upon their return summarizing what they learned, both personally and professionally.

Senior residents interested in applying for the OO-OREF Traveling Fellowship should send in their CV with a cover letter outlining the reasons for their interest and a letter of recommendation from the director of their residency program. These applications should be sent to Nancy A. Kelly, MHS, Executive Director, Orthopaedics Overseas, P.O. Box 65157, Washington, DC 20035. Tele: (202) 296-0928; Fax: (202) 296-8018.

Admissions are on a rolling basis.

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