April 2002 Bulletin

Orthopaedic Surgeons get free package of comprehensive resources

AAOS member physicians interested in reaching out to their communities with the orthopaedics story can get a free comprehensive package of COAP resources. The materials can serve as integral parts of an orthopaedic surgeon’s community outreach program, and are excellent to leave with attendees as reminders of health messages and contact information for the doctor’s office. Available materials include:

COAP Slide Presentations on CD-ROM. Ready-to-go PowerPoint presentations cover five separate topics:

  1. Back pain.
  2. Osteoporosis.
  3. Osteoarthritis.
  4. Sports injuries.
  5. Injury prevention.

Each 30-35 minute presentation includes a short video of a patient explaining how successful orthopaedic treatment restored their ability to do things they enjoy. Physicians also get a script for discussing each topic, plus a guide featuring tips and techniques for organizing community presentations. Presentations are flexible and may be edited, adapted or customized to personal styles and/or incorporate additional information (i.e., about clinics, locations, etc.). Orthopaedic surgeons who prefer to use 35 mm slides instead of PowerPoint can easily convert the presentations at their local photo shops.

Using the AAOS Public Service Announcements in Your Community: A "How-To Guide". The "How-to Guide for Using the AAOS Public Service Announcements in Your Community" details a variety of methods orthopaedists can use to carry AAOS public service messages into their own communities.

PSA Postcards. Replicating PSA print ads and posters, sets of 50 PSA Postcards of several different designs cover a variety of orthopaedic health and wellness topics. Postcards are blank on the reverse side, ready to carry personalized messages from orthopaedists. They are can be used as leave-behinds at meetings and can be imprinted with the surgeon’s practice or web site information (While supplies last.).

"Keep Your Bones Healthy at Any Age" Bookmarks. Produced by AAOS and the National Osteoporosis Foundation, a set of 100 "Keep Your Bones Healthy at Any Age" Bookmarks provide tips on how to reduce the risk of bone loss and are good leave-behinds when making community presentations or used as patient giveaways in the surgeon’s waiting room.

"Bone Up on Bone Loss!" Fact Sheet. A set of 100 "Bone Up on Bone Loss!" Fact Sheets features great information for parents and kids on how to build strong and healthy bones through exercise and nutrition.

"In Motion" Newspaper. Originally inserted in USA TODAY, a set of 100 ten-page, tabloid size newspapers informs patients and others in the community about musculoskeletal advances and a broad spectrum of orthopaedic conditions. Orthopaedists can display the "In Motion" Newspaper in waiting rooms and/or distribute it at public presentations.

Suggest COAP Topics, get more information

AAOS is expanding the Community Orthopaedic Awareness Program by adding more presentations each year. The Public and Media Relations Committee welcomes suggestions for additional topics, observations about the program and all other input regarding COAP.

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