April 2003 Bulletin

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Your article on the 2002 Orthopaedic physician census (Feb. 2003 issue) showed that female orthopaedic surgeons earn less money than males. To the uninformed this would seem like the female surgeon is earning less for the same work. This is misleading as we all know that the income of physicians is productivity based. The lay press may obtain this information and misuse it. I believe it is important for all to know that the only reason female surgeons could earn less than their male counterparts is that they routinely work fewer hours and take less call. For a truly accurate study, the time worked and cases performed need to be included in any study comparing earnings; otherwise, the misinformation that women are paid less for the same work will be propagated.

David A. Thull, MD
Scottsdale, Ariz.


Dr. R. Theodore Nussdorf is to be commended for speaking out against the quota system now espoused by the AAOS with that wonderfully politically correct term "diversity" (Letters to the Editor, Feb. 2003 issue). Asians are the smallest minority by my count, but they never seem to be on the receiving end of our largess. This diversity business is strictly quotas aimed at a particular race.

Dr. Sarmiento also made note of the fact that we have lost our independence and objectivity because we are ruled by industry. We now follow the lead of our federal government and put another nail in the coffin with our worship of diversity. It’s time to wake up and quit feeing guilty that our hard work has made us successful.

Michael X. Rohan, MD
Panama City, Fla.

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