April 2004 Bulletin

OREF announces 2004 grants and awards

By Jean McGuire, CFO/Vice President, Grants

The Board of Trustees of the Orthopaedic Research and Education Foundation (OREF) has approved $3.4 million in funding for 134 grants and awards during 2004. The grants and awards being funded include:

Award winners
For the first time, OREF awarded three Clinician Scientist Awards, which will provide investigators with partial salary support, enabling them to pursue their research careers. The three recipients are: David L. Glaser, MD, for his project on “The Origin of Cells Within Postnatal Musculoskeletal Tissue Formation and Repair;” Javad Parvizi, MD, for his paper on “Smart Orthopedic Implants with Modified Biological Surfaces;” and James R. Slauterbeck, MD, for his work on “Gender Effects on Anterior Cruciate Ligament Remodeling.”

The Career Development Award recipients are John C. Clohisy, MD, and Harry K.W. Kim, MD. Prospective clinical research grants were awarded to John G. Thometz, MD, and Weiping Ren, MD, PhD.

This year's OREF Clinical Research Award winners are Frank R. Noyes, MD; Edward Grood, PhD; Thomas Andriacchi, PhD; and Sue Barber-Westin, BS, from Deaconess Hospital in Cincinnati, Ohio, for their project “Factors affecting the treatment of anterior cruciate ligament-deficient knees with lower limb malalignment and associated ligamentous instabillities: A correlated, clinical, biomechanical, and dynamic gait analysis.”

Funding partners
Since 1955, OREF has funded more than 1,900 grants and awards, totaling $55.6 million. The Foundation is able to fund research through partnerships with individual donors, associations and corporate donors.

The Clinician Scientist Awards encourage young orthopaedic surgeons to pursue careers as clinician-scientists (investigators who seek to pursue research careers while remaining in clinical practice). The awards provide a salary stipend to allow recipients to spend 40 percent of their time in research. The awards are sponsored by The Dr. Zachary B. and Mrs. Kathleen Friedenberg Endowment Fund, the Journal of Bone and Joint Surgery (JBJS), and the Dr. Dane and Mrs. Mary Louise Miller Endowment Fund.

The OREF Board of Trustees created the OREF Clinical Research Award to encourage clinical research in orthopaedics. First presented in 1995, this award includes a $20,000 stipend.

The Musculoskeletal Transplant Foundation is supporting one of the nine research grants. The Association of Bone and Joint Surgeons and the Musculoskeletal Transplant Foundation share in supporting three of the 11 Resident Research Awards announced this week.

Zimmer Holdings, Inc., will continue to fund the remaining years for its Grants for Excellence in Research in Orthopaedic Treatment. In addition, Zimmer is funding five Orthopaedic Career Development Awards in 2004.

In August 2003, OREF received 304 grant applications requesting more than $15 million in funding. In December, OREF's Peer Review Committee volunteers evaluated the scientific merit of each application through a rigorous peer review process modeled after the one used by the National Institutes of Health. The applications were then ranked, and funding recommendations were made.

Next year OREF will celebrate its golden anniversary—50 years since its founding. With the support of the AAOS, there will be an OREF Day at the Annual Meeting in Washington, D.C., which will feature symposia focused on the historical organizational accomplishments and implications for orthopaedic research over the past 50 years. OREF thanks the AAOS and its fellows for all you have done through the years, and hopes you will continue your support to ensure even greater successes in the future.

OREF's Board of Trustees would like to congratulate the 2004 grant and award recipients. A complete listing of OREF's awardees may be found on the OREF Web site, www.oref.org.

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