AAOS Bulletin - April, 2006

Media spotlights sports injuries, war symposium

By John M. Purvis, MD, and Carlye Fallon

AAOS’ Prevent Injuries America! winter sports-related tips generated print coverage in the San Francisco Chronicle, Salt Lake Tribune, Detroit Free Press and the Modesto Bee.

CNN’s “American Morning” also cited AAOS statistics and tips on how to protect your knees

The March AARP Bulletin featured two orthopaedic-related stories on knee replacement and cited AAOS statistics on the procedure. The articles directed readers to the AAOS Web site for additional information, and included insights from Nicholas A. DiNubile, MD; Peter M. Bonutti, MD; Richard A. Berger, MD; and David S. Hungerford, MD.

Close work with specialty societies such as the American Association of Hip and Knee Surgeons (AAHKS) resulted in a story on the front page of the Wall Street Journal’s Marketplace section. The patient safety-related article discussed the medical risks of performing hip replacements on different types of patients, referenced the 2006 Annual Meeting and quoted a number of AAOS and AAHKS members, including Thomas Turgeon, MD; Robert E. Booth Jr., MD; Robert T. Trousdale, MD; and Bradley Gerber, MD.

Back-to-back issues of the Saturday Evening Post included stories on advancements in total hip, knee and ankle replacement, featuring questions and answers with AAHKS President Joseph C. McCarthy, MD; AAOS President Richard F. Kyle, MD; and American Orthopaedic Foot and Ankle Society President James W. Brodsky, MD.

Insights from Orthopaedic Research Society board members Joshua J. Jacobs, MD, and Regis J. O’Keefe, MD, PhD, were featured in a nationally syndicated article about how post-mortem studies on prosthetic joints—hips and knees, in particular—can help further orthopaedic patient care.

National Public Radio broadcast a segment on back pain, based on insights from guest expert, James N. Weinstein, DO. The program aired on stations across the country in early March. Dr. Weinstein encouraged listeners to visit the Academy Web site for additional information on back pain and how to prevent it, and positioned orthopaedic surgeons as the experts in surgically and non-surgically treating back pain.

Based on information from the Extremity War Injuries symposium, USA Today ran an article on heterotopic ossification, a rare bone condition currently seen in the Iraq and Afghanistan conflicts. Vincent D. Pellegrini Jr., MD; Maj. Donald A. Gajewski, MD, and Capt. Kyle Potter, MD, were quoted in the story.

The Academy’s 2005 public service advertising (PSA) campaign on preventing youth sports injuries recently was featured in the April 2006 issue of Reader’s Digest, with insights from James R. Andrews, MD, and Lawrence J. Lemak, MD. Watch for the AAOS’ 2006 PSAs on boomeritis, osteoporosis, patient-centered care, youth shoulder and elbow injuries and hip and knee pain!

John M. Purvis, MD, is chair of the Public Education and Media Relations (PEMR) Committee. Carlye Fallon is a media relations specialist in the PEMR department.

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