April 1996 Bulletin

Emeritus fellows audiotape OKU 5

The Academy recently asked some of its emeritus members to help with a special project. It had little to do with working on an Academy committee or task force. It had a lot to do with some very special skills-patience, determination, and most importantly, strong vocal cords.

This winter, some of the Academy's emeritus members were sent letters asking for help in reading chapters from the new Orthopaedic Knowledge Update 5 for a special audiotape series.

Not surprising, more than 40 emeritus members happily accepted the invitation to help with the development of OKU 5 educational materials.

"Throughout my career in orthopaedics, I was a loyal subscriber to the OKU series," said Charles A. Desch, MD, Brookfield, Wis. "By volunteering to be a reader, I was able to personally contribute to the book's continued success."

Most orthopaedic surgeons spent at least half a day in a recording studio in their local communities reading one to two chapters from OKU 5. However, some orthopaedic surgeons enjoyed the experience so much they asked to read more chapters. This meant an additional one or two half days in the recording studio.

The orthopaedic surgeons also got to select the chapters that they wanted to record for the audiotapes. Many of them selected chapters dealing with their subspecialty.

"The two chapters that I read dealt with the spine and occupational orthopaedics," said Perry W. Greene Jr., MD, Grand Rapids, Mich. "It is my hope that my enthusiasm for the material is conveyed on the audiotape so that it influences someone to learn more about it."

John H. Muehlstein, MD, Longboat Key, Fla., read chapters on the hip and shoulder, and he completed his audiotaping session in record time - 3 hours. "Many years ago, I was involved in radio so I used that background to my advantage when reading my chapters."

Since the introduction of Orthopaedic Knowledge Update 3, the Academy has offered audiotape recordings of the book as an alternative learning source. Originally, the audiotapes were done by professional recording talent, and routinely required significant editing and re-recording. This year marks the first time that the audiotape recordings were done by Academy members.

"Using emeritus members to record chapters initially was done to ensure accurate narration of medical terminology," said James R. Kasser, MD, editor of OKU 5. "However, as the project neared completion, we realized that their involvement was much more valuable. They make listening to OKU a more enjoyable learning experience."

Many of the orthopaedic surgeons involved with the recordings already had an association with the OKU series. Arthur Pearl, MD, Fort Pierce, Fla., was a member of the editorial board for the OKU Specialty Series on Sports Medicine. "Making contributions in education always has been important to me," said Dr. Pearl. "Now I have more time to devote to educating others so choosing to volunteer for the OKU audiotape was an easy decision."

OKU 5 was introduced at the Academy's Annual Meeting in Atlanta. The book is divided into six major sections - general knowledge, systemic disorders, upper extremity, lower extremity, spine, and rehabilitation.

The OKU 5 syllabus on audiocassette consists of 30, 90-minute cassettes. The audiotapes are part of the complete OKU 5 home study program that includes the OKU 5 text, the 1996 Orthopaedic Self-Assessment Examination (OSAE), and the OKU and OSAE on CD-ROM. For more information about the complete OKU 5 home study program, contact the Academy's customer service department, (800) 626-6726.

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