April 1996 Bulletin

Dr. Pierce named to represent Academy at NMA

Raymond O. Pierce Jr., MD, professor of orthopaedic surgery and vice chairman of the orthopaedic department, Indiana University Medical School, has been asked by the Academy executive committee to be the first Academy representative to the National Medical Association.

Dr. Pierce is the Academy's first representative to the NMA, which is comprised largely of African-American physicians. He is co-chair of the Interagency State Council of Black and Minority Health for the state of Indiana, and recently completed a four-year tenure as orthopaedic representative in the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention in the department of injury prevention and control.

The NMA celebrated its 100th anniversary last summer in Atlanta, the city where it was founded. "Although founded for African-American physicians at a time when they were prohibited from joining organized medicine, the NMA has always been open to physicians of good will, regardless of race, creed or color," Dr. Pierce said.

"The NMA is a strong advocate for the poor and underserved of America and is comprised of many physicians who serve this significant segment of our population. In addition to its societal and social obligations, the NMA has a strong education commitment to its members."

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