April 1997 Bulletin


Academy President Douglas W. Jackson, MD, focuses on the impact of the proposed formulas for resource-based practice expense payments and says 'enough is enough.'

Highlights of the Board of Directors meeting Feb. 11-12, 1997

Academy resolutions adopted at 1997 Annual Meeting.

Orthopaedic surgeon applauds position against 'Center of Excellence.'

Point of View: H. Thomas Temple, MD, comments on the use of metal prosthesis for limb salvage techniques following osteosarcoma resection.

Point of View: Michael H. McGuire, MD, favors the use of allograft bone transplant for the reconstruction of skeletal defects following the resection of tumors.

Point of View: The hand-held computer may be survival tool for orthopaedic surgeons.

Minute with Malpractice: A warning about casting

Guidelines needed for MedWatch reports

1997-1998 Academy Board of Directors

Academy tells public need for access, choice

Congress gets bills to control managed care

State society officers attend second annual strategy session

MODEMS offers patient survey

Only 1 business session will be held at '98 Annual Meeting

Academy names Mark W. Wieting vice president

Carticel appears beneficial, says FDA panel

Academy approves new Position Statements

Academy develops new booklets on shoulder, low back surgery

Osteoporosis symposium set for June 4-5

OREF, Arthritis Foundation join on Joint Parade

In Memoriam

MSAs offer alternative to MCOs

How new MSAs benefit employees

Union helps orthopaedists in MCO pacts

States get patient protection bill

Job market at a glance

Urges balance in reduced work force

RAND study expected in May

PPMCs offer opportunities, problems

Seek orthopaedic volunteers for Malawai program

What you need to know about a bonus

Common causes of concern, responses to net income bonus method

Women orthopaedists look to future

Why accurate CPT codes are important

Academy CME is problem-based, more interactive

More clinical information set for home page

Continuing Medical Education Courses

More than 100 orthopaedic surgeons have requested to use the Academy's Drive It Safe slide set to make presentations at community group meetings. The The 30-minute program includes statistics related to the area where the presentation is made and brochures. Contact Pat Julitz, AAOS communications department, (800) 346-2267 x 4123 or email julitz@mac.aaos.org.

Charles A. Rockwood Jr., MD, left, has been inducted into the Oklahoma Hall of Fame. He is one of six native Oklahomans honored for distinguished service and achievement. Kenneth E. DeHaven, MD, 1996 Academy president, introduced Dr. Rockwood at the ceremony which was attended by several hundred people and broadcast statewide on television. The program is sponsored by the Oklahoma Heritage Association, a nonprofit organization.

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