April 1998 Bulletin

Pedicle screw case impact ‘chilling,’says Rep. Hyde

When Rep. Henry Hyde, (R-Ill.) heard about the potential impact of the pedicle screw product litigation on the educational efforts of the Academy and other medical associations, he called it "terribly chilling."

Meeting with a group of Academy members in January, Rep. Hyde heard that, if successful, the litigation would stymie the free flow of scientific information. Thousands of product liability suits have been filed against manufacturers of pedicle screws and physicians. The medical associations have been named in some of the suits as "conspirators" for having provided educational forums where the pedicle screw was discussed.

Rep. Henry Hyde (R. Ill,), right, discusses impact of pedicle screw litigation with,
from left, Paul Meyer Jr., MD; Mitchell Sheinkop, MD; and William Robb, III, MD.

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