April 1999 Bulletin

OREF funds Orthopaedics Overseas travel

Orthopaedic Research and Education Foundation (OREF) has awarded Orthopaedics Overseas a grant to fund the travel expenses for two senior residents to go to an Orthopaedics Overseas site for two to four weeks.

"Volunteering at an Orthopaedics Overseas site will offer an unusual opportunity to see pathologies not common in the United States and to work in a truly resource-scarce environment," said S. Terry Canale, MD, chairman of Orthopaedics Overseas. "Working and teaching in another country also provides volunteers with a greater sensitivity and understanding of cross-cultural issues, so important in the effective delivery of medical care."

Third- or fourth-year residents are eligible to apply. Send a cover, a copy of your CV and a letter of support from the director of your residency program to Orthopaedics Overseas, P.O. Box 65157, Washington, D.C. 20035.

Funds will cover round trip airfare and a modest living stipend. When they return, participants will be expected to submit a report to Orthopaedics Overseas about the experience and the educational benefits.

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