April 1999 Bulletin

Academy to collect preserve, display historical artifacts

The Academy Board of Directors has created a Historical Display Panel to collect, preserve and display artifacts and papers of interest to orthopaedic surgeons and others for display in the Academy headquarters in Rosemont, Ill.

The panel is planning to expand and update the display of orthopaedic implants in the Academy, which was started by Rocco Calandruccio, MD, said James Hamilton, MD, a member of the panel. The collection is on display in the first floor hallway near the Orthopaedic Learning Center. The Arthroscopy Association of North America also has started a display of arthroscopic equipment in the same area.

Dr. Hamilton said the panel, which also includes Daniel R. Benson, MD, and Raoul P. Rodriguez, MD, plans to develop a display/museum near the main entrance of the Academy. The display of artifacts will demonstrate the major advances in orthopaedics this century.

A third effort would be to collect, preserve and display artifacts associated with the history of the Academy and its presidents, Dr. Hamilton said.

The success of the effort depends, in part, on "the willingness of individual members of the Academy to donate and/or loan material of historical interest," Dr. Hamilton said. The panel is not ready to accept any donations at this time, however, he said panel members are interested in hearing from Academy members who have material they believe would be appropriate for display.

In addition, the panel is trying to locate the families of the following deceased Academy presidents: E.W. Ryerson, MD; George E. Bennett, MD; E. Bishop Mumford, MD; Guy A. Caldwell, MD; Frederic C. Bost, MD; Melvin S. Henderson, MD; Robert D. Schrock, MD; J.E.M. Thompson, MD; Joseph S. Barr, MD; H. Relton McCarroll, MD; A Bruce Gill, MD; Carl E. Badgley, MD; Myron O. Henry, MD; Francis McKeever, MD; John C. Wilson, MD; M.N. Smith-Peterson, MD; Mather Cleveland, MD; and T. Campbell Thompson, MD.

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