April 1999 Bulletin

HCPCS Level II codes have many changes in 1999

Several modifications have been made to HCPCS Level II codes in the 1999 CPT code book. More than 80 additions have been made to these codes, which represent various professional services, procedures and supplies.

HCPCS Level II codes are required for reporting most medical services and supplies for Medicare and Medicaid patients. An increasing number of commercial payers also are requiring use of these codes.

HCPCS Level II codes include injectables. There is a new code for sodium hyaluronate (J7315), used as an intraarticular injection for osteoarthritis. Additionally, HCPCS Level II modifiers have been added, including one for reporting assistant-at-surgery by a physician assistant (PA) or Certified Nurse First Assistant (CNFA) (modifier -AS).

More information about the 1999 CPT code changes are in the Coding Corner column.

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