August 2000 Bulletin

How about ‘dem BONES’

I recently had the privilege of addressing a rather unique organization that I’m not sure all of our members are aware of–the BONES Society.

The Academy is looking outward to join with other groups in an effort to have a positive impact on the treatment of musculoskeletal patients. We are involved not only in patient-physician communication, but also in orthopaedic-office-patient communication, or an orthopaedic friendly office. We believe our membership will be keenly concerned with practice management issues. With all of the above in mind, the BONES organization appears to be a logical choice to help us look with a critical eye at our orthopaedic offices and at practice management issues.

The BONES organization is a society of more than 1,400 orthopaedic administrators who have joined together to discuss common issues occurring in orthopaedic practices. They meet once a year and have Instructional Course Lectures, guest speakers, and give-and-take sessions that address common problems. They find out what other orthopaedic practices are doing and what is innovative in the practice management field of orthopaedics. They tackle issues like MRI in the office, office surgery center, appointment scheduling, office human resources, and employee motivation and satisfaction.

I have met with the BONES leadership and asked them to become involved with some of the AAOS endeavors so as to give all of our membership some new and innovative answers to some of the "old problems in the office".

I know at the Campbell Clinic it would be great if we could solve the problems with our appointment system and our telephone answering system and develop a method to make our employees friendlier to the patient.

Perhaps "dem BONES" can help us in the future. It is worth a try.

P.S. If you don’t send your administrator to the BONES meeting, you and he or she are missing an excellent opportunity to better educate your practice.

S. Terry Canale, MD

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