August 2000 Bulletin


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What's new on AAOS home page?

Median $300,000; earnings peak at ages 40-49

The survey

HCFA shows draft E/M guides

ORS seeks nominations for Urist award, research papers for Harris award

Answering e-mail may be risky

AAOS to present 2 Humanitarian awards

Good relationship eases bill collections

AMA model contract prevents MCO retrospective audits

OREF awards Orthopaedic Overseas grant for rotations to active sites

Put a dollar value on your meetings

Specialties force delay in episodic pay

Bone and Joint Surgeons seek research papers

Hospital, orthopaedists end ASC battle

Falls leading cause of injury in 1997, says NCHS

Lawsuits attack HMO incentives

Dr. Burgess cited by Senate

Passion for cars saved lives

House OKs negotiation bill

AAOS says Congress should simplify HCFA regulations

State societies aid Special Olympics games

Special Olympics

States news: In brief

Photo caption

Computer Link: LEO will put wireless into hyperdrive

Coding corner: Treating 2 problems needs 2 reports

Legal Issues: OIG warns about rentals and referrals

'We can make this the greatest decade'

Foot, ankle care key to expanded practice

If you're ready to "rediscover" foot and ankle care

Across the President's Desk: How about 'dem BONES'

The BONES Society was founded in 1969

AAOS improves new initiatives on communications

Point of View: Causation is more than patient's word

Are researchers and industry too cozy?

Clinicians scientists face major obstacles

Treating workers same as treating athletes

In Memoriam

'Just-in-time' a bold step into future

Summer Institute blends hands-on, didactic

Continuing medical education

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