August 2001 Bulletin

OKO to debut in October

Imagine a dynamic library of current orthopaedic information and prevailing surgical techniques you can access any time, any place. That’s Orthopaedic Knowledge Online (OKO).

OKO is the Academy’s new 24/7 web site giving members instant access to video demonstrations and text-based information regarding the diagnosis, treatment and management of musculoskeletal disorders. Scheduled to launch on October 15, OKO is positioned to set the standard for online orthopaedic knowledge. OKO gives users the ability to quickly and conveniently tap into the Academy’s vast resources to browse and review orthopaedic materials and surgical approaches.

"In today’s busy orthopaedic practices, we’re all looking for more efficient ways to stay up to date," said Robert H. Fitzgerald Jr., MD, OKO co-editor-in-chief along with William A. Grana, MD. "Using this web site, orthopaedic surgeons can rapidly focus their review and search process by accessing almost any information they need through just one convenient source."

OKO will be available as a member benefit. "When the site launches, there will be about six topics available," said Marilyn Fox, PhD, AAOS director of publications. "Each topic follows a standard format reviewing the fundamentals of the condition or injury presented, as well as pertinent diagnostic approaches, relevant studies, management options, complications, pearls and pitfalls, controversies, and most importantly, video demonstrations of several surgical techniques."

The site will be a dynamic, evolving "library" with new topics added continuously. "Users will find OKO to be extremely helpful for surgical planning and for reviewing different variations of techniques," said Dr. Fitzgerald. "This is the one web site that, as it grows, will put more current, reliable information within easy reach of orthopaedic surgeons than would otherwise be possible to collect and store—it will evolve into a virtual orthopaedic warehouse."

Members can look forward to more information about this newly added member benefit in the coming months. For more information on OKO, members can call Jane Baque, AAOS managing editor of online publications at (847) 384-4132.

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