August 2001 Bulletin


In the News

Practice survey tells all about what you do

Orthopaedic surgeons and managed care penetration

GAO, IG warn some consultant advice illegal

EMTALA still puzzling

Kissinger, Goodwin Annual Meeting speakers

AAOS offers free web templates for group practices

Washington report: Bush backs specialty care

Review law to High court

States tell Congress, 'do no harm'

States news: In brief

Communicate: 'Virtual' visit tests communication skills

Caretakers need to know

Patients get tips on effective office visits

Computer Link: 1st step for an EMR: define medical record

Coding corner: New cast supply codes generate questions

The 51 new Q codes for cast supplies

Legal Issues: HHS, IG can enforce quality of care issues

Privacy guidance

Mentors to spread word

HIPAA to boost paperwork burden

Current status of HIPAA standards

Basics of Notice of Privacy Practices

Retirement plan prime source of tax benefits

How to analyze options to benefit you, your practice

New tax law has changes for retirement plans

Across the President's Desk: AAOS Board acts to ensure future source of volunteers, experienced leaders

AAOS, ABOS probe recertification issues

CAQs divisive issue for orthopaedic surgery

PowerPoint replaces 35mm at Annual Meeting

AAOS uses distant learning for SLAOT course

OKO to debut in October

Orthopaedists sell prevention to 5K runners

Editors plan joint action on common issues

In Memoriam

AAOS shifts into high gear on CME of future

Continuing medical education

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