August 2001 Bulletin

AAOS offers free web templates for group practices

The AAOS is now offering free web site templates for group practices. This is in addition to the individual web sites that have been offered since March 2000.

To create a group web site, the last name and Academy ID number for one of the physicians in the group must be used. Each physician in the group can be listed on the group practice "homepage" along with a short description of his or her specialty (e.g., hip, knee, arthroscopy, etc.). If that physician is an AAOS member and if he or she has built a personal web site, that link is automatically displayed.

Group web sites are automatically listed in "Find a Surgeon" next to any AAOS member who is listed in the practice. Therefore, if a physician has built a personal web site and is a member of a group web site, both links will be listed.

Most of the features available in the personal web sites will also be found in group practice sites. To get started, go to

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