August 2003 Bulletin

Directions for future research—Unified Research Agenda:


Spinal disorders

Soft tissue injuries

Major limb trauma

Osteoporosis and bone quality

Childhood musculoskeletal conditions

Types of research

B Basic research: answers fundamental questions on the physical, chemical and functional mechanisms of life processes and disease. It provides the building blocks upon which other types of research are based, but is not necessarily disease specific.

C Clinical research: is conducted with human subjects, or on material of human origin such as tissue and specimens, with an investigator who interacts directly with human subjects.

T Translational research: translates knowledge from basic research into new or improved methods to treat and prevent disease; translates clinical insights into hypotheses that can be validated in the lab.

H Health services research: examines access to, and the use, costs, quality, delivery, organization, financing and outcomes of health care services to produce new knowledge about the structure, processes and effects of health services for individuals and populations

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