August 2004 Bulletin

AAOS expands online practice management center

By Steven Fisher, MBA

The AAOS online Practice Management Center (PMC) has added two new sections and expanded a third to help you manage your practice more effectively and efficiently. New to the site are sections on legislation relating to practice management issues and on “best practices” in practice management; the News Dispatch section has been expanded to bring you more information more frequently.

A look at legislation

One of the two new sections provides information on legislation relating to practice management that has been enacted on a state level. This is important because laws passed in one state are frequently introduced, and ultimately enacted, in others. Because many laws do not necessarily further the best interests of either physicians or patients, knowing what is occurring elsewhere is useful for doctors who engage in advocacy activities in their own locales.

For example, recently enacted legislation in New Mexico revises the reimbursement criteria for certain services delivered in an outpatient setting.

Best practices

The second new addition to the PMC relates to “best practices.” These vignettes are supplied by Academy members and their practice managers, outside consultants and the PMC editor. Each provides a new, creative way of solving problems and dealing with orthopaedic practice challenges.

Best practice vignettes can be found within the Practice Management Information and Resources segment of the Center. Members are encouraged to submit their own best practice vignettes to the Center.

More information

The News Dispatch section is one of the most frequently visited segments of the PMC. This segment is being enhanced with the inclusion of several additional news services. This will increase the number of relevant articles available.

The Dispatch is updated monthly, on the third Monday or over the previous weekend. Articles of major importance, though, will always be added as the news breaks. Plans are underway to develop an archive of previously published articles that remain relevant and interesting.

Worth a visit

The PMC complements and expands on information published in the Bulletin and other AAOS publications. It also contains links to other practice-management-related Web sites such as BONES (the National Society of Orthopaedic Administrators), the American Medical Group Association, the Medical Group Management Association, the Society of Medical-Dental Consultants and the American Health Information Management Association.

Segments on the PMC site include: Information and Resources, the News Dispatch, Compliance, CPT-ICD-9 Coding Counsel, the Advice Center, Practice Transitions and the Academic Focus.

Take a few moments to review all the features of the PMC. It’s easy to find. Just access the Academy’s home page ( and click on the “Practice Management” navigation bar on the left. Browse through the various segments while you are between patients, at night or over the weekend so you know what the PMC offers.

Introduce your practice administrator to the site and make a point of consulting the PMC on a regular basis. When a problem occurs in your office, make a point of checking the resources on the PMC first. It’s worth your while.

Steven Fisher, MBA, is manager, practice management affairs in the AAOS department of socioeconomic and state society affairs. E-mail your comments and submissions to or call him at (800)346-2267, x4331.

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