AAOS Bulletin - August, 2005

AAOS in 2010: The new strategic plan

Stuart L. Weinstein, MD

Last summer I reported to you on the progress of the AAOS strategic planning process known as the “AAOS in 2010.” The strategic plan of the AAOS is the compass that guides the Academy’s course. Although the planning process was labeled “2010,” our real horizon for planning is for the years 2005-2007, with a bit further look to the horizon of 2008-2010.

Since that report (August 2004 Bulletin), much has happened. For the first time in AAOS recent history a true member needs assessment was accomplished.

This member needs assessment survey, which was completed this past fall, gave the 2010 Project Team and the Board of Directors insights on the programmatic and service needs of fellows.

Respondents to the survey not only told us what programs, products and services are wanted and needed for the future, but also gave us valuable feedback on how the AAOS is currently doing in meeting your needs. This information—plus information from recent focus groups, surveys, direct member feedback and board strategic discussions—was used to take a fresh look at the AAOS, its vision, mission and structure.

In April, the Board of Directors held a three-day retreat. The first two days were spent reviewing the work of the project team. On the basis of these discussions, new vision and mission statements for the AAOS were defined. The vision statement defines where we want to be as an organization. The Board defined the AAOS vision as: AAOS will be the authoritative source of knowledge and leadership in musculoskeletal health.

The mission statement defines AAOS’ fundamental reason for being and establishes the parameters for its major activities and the defensible criteria against which all goals are established. The mission statement is, in essence, why we are in business and for whom. The Board defined the AAOS mission as: AAOS will serve the profession, champion the interests of patients and advance the highest quality musculoskeletal health. It can be found on the AAOS Web site at:.http://www.aaos.org/about/mission.asp.

The vision statement, the mission statement and goals for the organization were approved by the Board of Directors at the June Board meeting. The goals are designed to advance the AAOS vision and mission and serve as the basis for all evaluations of achievement and performance. They are reprinted for your information on pages 49-50 of this issue of the Bulletin.

I am certain that in the years to come, you will see the AAOS becoming a much more achievement-focused organization. All organizational activities must be geared to a certain achievement that advances the mission of the AAOS. All goals are of equal importance and each and every aspect of the AAOS organization will be expected to address all goals.

The last days of our retreat were spent defining, in broad brush strokes, a governance model for the AAOS to provide the programs, products and services that members want and need and to improve member satisfaction with existing programs, products and services—all geared to achieving our vision and mission. A new governance structure was approved in principle at the June Board meeting. Since then, the presidential line, the immediate past president, the treasurer and our chief executive officer have met to further refine the model. We will meet with the Council Chairs this summer to finalize the governance structure and develop a transition plan, which will be presented to the Board in September and implemented immediately. This modern and flexible governance structure will allow AAOS to change as rapidly as necessary to meet the challenges ahead.

As the formal “AAOS 2010” strategic planning process comes to completion this September, you can be assured that the Board has provided the framework so that future strategic planning efforts will be a continuous ongoing process. Medicine, health care and the environment in which we practice are constantly changing. AAOS cannot plan too far in advance; organizational horizons must be shortened to two to three years at most.

We have now positioned the AAOS to meet any and all challenges and to ensure that the value of your membership will continually be enhanced. Our goal is to add value to your membership and to be fiscally responsible by ensuring that precious resource allocation aligns with our strategic goals.

Stuart L. Weinstein, MD

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