AAOS Bulletin - August, 2005

Strategic Plan 2005-2007

American Academy of Orthopaedic Surgeons®

American Association of Orthopaedic Surgeons®


AAOS will be the authoritative source of knowledge and leadership in musculoskeletal health.


AAOS will serve the profession, champion the interests of patients, and advance the highest quality musculoskeletal health.


The goals that follow are designed to advance the AAOS vision and mission and serve as the basis for all evaluations of achievement and performance.

Programs, Products, Services

1. To advance its mission, AAOS will offer programs, products, and services that reflect and respond to the evolving needs of current and prospective members, other health care providers, and patients. Business plans are developed for all new programs, products, and services.

To achieve this goal, AAOS will:

1.1 conduct a member needs assessment every two years

1.2 conduct periodic assessments of the needs of other health care providers and patients

1.3 analyze programs, services, and educational offerings at least annually to ensure the relevance of the strategic goals to the organization and to members’ needs

1.4 ensure that new programs are in place to address those programs that are of high importance to members but low in satisfaction rates

1.5 address professionalism and ethics

Public Policy

2. To advance its mission, AAOS will develop a unified advocacy agenda to provide focus to and direct public policy activities and initiatives.

To achieve this goal, AAOS will:

2.1 give priority in the agenda to medical liability reform, patient centered care, patient safety, reimbursement, unfunded patient care and patient access to specialty care, and important emerging issues.

2.2 include in the agenda a plan to manage members’ expectations about public policy issues and outcomes as well as a plan to ensure that members view AAOS as their primary source of knowledge for public policy/advocacy

2.3 strengthen the AAOS Political Action Committee (PAC) by increasing the number of members who contribute by 5% by 2007.

Research and Scientific Affairs

3. To advance its mission, AAOS will modify its research agenda to reflect those matters most important to members, patients, and other health care providers.

To achieve this goal, AAOS will include in its agenda:

• technology assessments/cutting edge research assessments

• implant product standards

• evidence-based training

• advancing knowledge in musculoskeletal basic science


4. To advance its mission, AAOS will be positioned as the premier association for orthopaedic surgeons and will be recognized as the authoritative voice for good musculoskeletal health.

To achieve this goal, AAOS will:

4.1 develop a unified external communication plan to ensure that all communication activities and programs focus on raising public awareness of the role of orthopaedists and emphasizing the importance of good musculoskeletal health,

4.2 develop and disseminate patient education materials focused on evidence-based information.

4.3 develop a unified internal communication plan to ensure that internal communication activities and programs raise member awareness of AAOS through promoting AAOS value, including education, advocacy, and research initiatives that are unique to AAOS and differentiate it from other organizations involved in musculoskeletal care.


5. To advance its mission, AAOS will establish annual goals for each member category and develop programs to match the needs of members.


6. To advance its mission, AAOS will foster diversity.

To achieve this goal, AAOS will work with members to:

a. understand and respond to the diversity of the patient population

b. promote delivery of culturally competent care

c. support efforts to diversify the profession and the orthopaedic work force


7. To advance its mission, AAOS will advocate for unity and for opportunities to collaborate with the orthopaedic specialty communities.

To achieve this goal, AAOS will:

7.1 include subspecialty interests in educational programming

7.2 advocate for subspecialty interests

7.3 provide for a place within its governance structure for representatives from specialty orthopaedic organizations

7.4 reach out to other orthopaedic–related organizations as appropriate

Fiscal Affairs

8. To advance its mission, AAOS will remain fiscally strong.

To achieve this goal, AAOS will:

8.1 tie the annual budget to the AAOS strategic plan

8.2 require business plans for all new initiatives

8.3 adopt an annual balanced budget

8.4 increase the Permanent Fund to a minimum of $25,000,000

8.5 ensure a unified fundraising agenda across the organization

8.6 develop assessment criteria which, at least annually evaluate all of the work of AAOS that is to be incorporated into the budget.

Structure and Governance

9. To advance its mission, AAOS will have a sharply focused governance operation supported by a contemporary staff structure.

To achieve this goal, AAOS will:

9.1 identify and implement organizational changes in the volunteer structure

9.2 identify and develop future leaders

9.3 align the staff structure with the volunteer structure

Approved by the AAOS Board of Directors June 3, 2005.

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