AAOS Bulletin - August, 2005

AAOS, OKO bring you ‘Surgical Techniques’

By Carolyn Rogers

Change is in the air at the Journal of the American Academy of Orthopaedic Surgeons (JAAOS), the official clinical journal of the Academy. When JAAOS shifts to a monthly publication in September, it also kicks off a new collaborative project with Orthopaedic Knowledge Online (OKO) called “Surgical Techniques.”

The new, bi-monthly feature will focus on an actual surgical technique from the perspective of the orthopaedic surgeon. Each article will stress the technical description of a procedure, and will include an electronic link to an OKO video presentation on the technique. The articles will also provide ‘pearls and pitfalls’ gleaned from the author’s experience, as well as five or six key illustrations.

“This partnership is a natural extension of the printed page,” says William A. Grana, MD, OKO editor-in-chief. “It gives the surgeon the option of seeing the full video and offers additional information on the Web.”

“In cooperation with OKO, we will bring the best of both new and established surgical techniques, including video, to provide practical knowledge and practical information to orthopaedic surgeons,” says William P. Cooney III, MD, JAAOS editor-in-chief.

Now in its third year, OKO offers more than 80 videos on surgical techniques and physical evaluation, almost 70 topics across all orthopaedic specialties, and reviews of the clinical and management options for selected orthopaedic conditions.

“This depth of content makes OKO a rich resource for online education for orthopaedic surgeons and residents,” adds Dr. Grana. “Partnering with JAAOS enhances that mission.”

Visit the OKO Web site; JAAOS can be found on the Web.

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