AAOS Bulletin - August, 2006

2006 AAOS/CAC scholarship winners

By Carolyn Rogers

Four orthopaedic surgeons from Southeast Asia have been selected as recipients of the 2006 AAOS/Corporate Advisory Council (CAC) International Scholarship awards. Since 2002, the scholarship program has enabled four orthopaedists per year from economically diverse regions of the world to attend an AAOS surgical skills course. The 2006 winners, which include the first-ever female CAC scholar, are:

• Dr. Virginia Capor-Cabling of Baliwag, Bulacan, Philippines

• Dr. Bancha Chernchujit  of Bangkok, Thailand

• Dr. Nandkumar Kondiba Katakdhond of Mumbai, India  

• Dr. Kevin Boon Leong Lim of Singapore

Course selection

On July 14–16, 2006, Dr. Lim attended the “Surgical Techniques for Managing Pediatric Orthopaedic Trauma” course at the Orthopaedic Learning Center (OLC) in Rosemont, Ill.  Dr. Lim chose not to take part in a local observership during his visit.

Dr. Katakdhond participated in the July 28–29 AAOS/ASES course, “The Shoulder: An Arthroscopic Odyssey.” Orthopaedic surgeon Jason L. Koh, MD, of Northwestern Memorial Hospital in Chicago, hosted Dr. Katakdhond for a brief observership following the course.

On October 6–7, Dr. Chernchujit will participate in the AAOS/ASES course, “Shoulder Arthroplasty: Surgical Indications and Techniques,” and Dr. Capor-Cabling will attend the December 8–10 OLC course, “Techniques in Orthopaedic Trauma.”

Selection process

The selection process for the AAOS/CAC scholarship program was modified in 2006 in the following ways:

1. All applicant submissions were exclusively electronic.

2. Applications were accepted from only one specific geographic region; for 2006, applications were limited to orthopaedists in Southeast Asia.

3. Although the Academy notified international orthopaedic associations in the designated region about the scholarships, applicants could apply directly online, and applications did not have to be submitted through the society. However, candidates still must be members of the society and provide appropriate letters of recommendation.

With this new selection process in place, the program received more applications in 2006 than in the previous two years under the old system.

Program details

All scholarship recipients receive a stipend sufficient to cover the OLC course, registration fee, several nights’ hotel accommodation, round-trip coach class air fare and a modest daily living stipend. Scholarship candidates must be 45 years of age or younger and have completed their basic and specialty orthopaedic training. Candidates also are required to demonstrate strong leadership potential and possess good English-language speaking and reading skills.

Midwest hosts needed

In addition to the scholars’ participation in the course, the Academy tries to match each scholar with an American physician-host for a brief hospital and/or and private practice observership experience. The Academy is looking for AAOS members willing to host either Dr. Chernchujit or Dr. Capor-Cabling for a one- or two-day observership. Activities that could be planned include grand rounds, outpatient clinics, operating room tours and opportunities to converse with staff and residents.

If you are interested in hosting an international scholar, please contact Anna Gurevich of the AAOS international department at (847) 384-4166; fax (847) 823-0668, or e-mail at gurevich@aaos.org


Scholarships for the 2007 program year will be awarded to applicants from the African continent and Middle East. Upcoming issues of the Bulletin will provide details on the 2007 program.

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