AAOS Bulletin - August, 2006

October 12 to 20: USBJD National Action Week

By Carolyn Rogers

The National Action Week of the U.S. Bone and Joint Decade (USBJD) is October 12 to 20—the same dates every year of the Decade. This year, make a point to celebrate the week by promoting the Decade and its goals to your patients, colleagues and members of your community.

What are the goals of the Decade?

• Raising awareness of the increasing societal impact of musculoskeletal injuries and disorders

• Empowering patients to participate in decisions about their care and treatment

• Increasing global funding for prevention activities and treatment research

• Seeking and promoting cost-effective prevention and treatment of musculoskeletal injuries and disorders

To further these goals, get involved in USBJD activities for the week, or design your own program or event. The USBJD Web site provides graphics and other materials you can use to “get the word out” during the week. The more proactive you are in raising awareness of the Decade, the greater its impact will be on you and your patients. It’s your Decade—promote it!

Celebrate the week, Decade

Here are some ideas on how you can spread awareness of the Decade and support its worthy goals.

• Present the USBJD bone health and osteoporosis education program—“Fit to a T”—at your local public library, community center or health/fitness club, as a lunch-and-learn session at a local corporation, or at your clinic, hospital or medical center. For more information on “Fit to a T,” see the related June 2006 Bulletin article in the “Library & Archives” section of the AAOS Web site, or visit the program’s site at www.fit2t.org

• Talk to your patients and community members about the burden of musculoskeletal disease, the lack of funding for research and the increasing burden on society. USBJD brochures will provide key statistics.

• Include the USBJD logo on your print and electronic publications, brochures, letterhead and meeting banners.

• Send an article or letter to local newspapers about the Decade, National Action Week, and bone and joint health.

• Display the USBJD logo and a copy of the Presidential Proclamation in your reception area.

• Insert a USBJD logo slide in all your audiovisual presentations, and incorporate information about the Decade in prepared speeches and remarks.

• Wear a USBJD lapel pin or button, and hand out USBJD buttons or pins to members, visitors, patients and colleagues.

• Add Support the Bone and Joint Decade! to the signature line of

• e-mail messages.

• Provide a link from your Web site to USBJD Web site – and feature the USBJD logo as shown on your home page.

• Explain what the Bone and Joint Decade means to you and your patients on your Web site.

Online member resources

• View the June Bulletin article on “Fit to a T” online

• USBJD logos, Facts-in-Brief sheets, posters, buttons, brochures and many other resource materials can be found on the USBJD Web site

• To download a copy of President Bush’s Proclamation, visit the White House Web site

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