August 1998 Bulletin

Maine Medical Assessment Foundation to join MODEMS

The Maine Medical Assessment Foundation (MMAF) will be joining the Musculoskeletal Outcomes Data Evaluation and Management System (MODEMS) program this month.

Under an agreement reached between MMAF and Musculoskeletal Education and Research Institute, MMAF will begin providing data for the MODEMS program on August 1. The Institute is the new governing body for the MODEMS program.

MMAF has already been collecting information from its member physicians and will continue to do so using the MODEMS questionnaire models, according to Robert B. Keller, MD, orthopaedic surgeon and executive director of the Main Medical Assessment Foundation. "The arrangement we've made is that we collect data at the first level," said Dr. Keller. "For all those physicians that want to be part of the national data base, we will forward that data automatically (to MODEMS). We continue to provide the level of local support that we always have and the information gets forwarded to the national database in a seamless fashion, with no additional work for the practice."

Dr. Keller estimated that slightly less than half of the orthopaedic surgeons practicing in Maine are now members of MMAF, but he expects that number to grow because of this partnership, which provides an opportunity for physicians to take advantage of the services MMAF offers at the state level while also incorporating national data evaluation and management into their practices through the MODEMS program.

The MMAF is a private, non-profit health services research and quality improvement organization that has more than 15 years experience developing and implementing quality improvement programs involving hundreds of physicians in Maine, New Hampshire and Vermont.

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