August 1998 Bulletin

What's new on Academy home page

The Academy constantly updates the home page with new information. Here's a list of what's new on the Academy's website at

Wrong-Site Surgery. The Task Force on Wrong-Site Surgery has developed a slide set illustrating recommendations for eliminating wrong-site surgeries. The home page features an audio version of the presentation along with the accompanying slide images for individuals to preview. To preview the slide set see the "Sign Your Site"section of "CME".

Educational Resources Catalog. While the educational resources catalog has been a popular fixture on the home page since its inception, it recently was updated with many new features. Now, individuals can search for Academy products by title, editor/author, subject or media type (i.e., CD-ROM, textbook, videotape and audiotapes). Prices are "up-to-the-minute," and new products will be placed on the home page once they are available. Go to the "Education Resources Catalog" section to review the new version.

Annual Meeting Preliminary Packet Request. Submit an online request to the Academy's convention and meeting services department for an Annual Meeting preliminary packet containing important registration information. There also is a schedule of future Annual Meeting dates and locations. In October, the Academy will offer online registration for the Annual Meeting. Annual Meeting information is located in the "1999 Annual Meeting" section.

Online 1996 Anatomy-Imaging Self-Assessment Examination. For $55, individuals can purchase the 100-question exam and be tested on clinically revelant surface anatomy, applied and surgical anatomy as displayed by currently available imaging techniques. The Academy currently has two self-assessment exams online-shoulder and elbow and musculoskeletal tumors and diseases. The exams are located in the "CME" campus section.

Journal of the American Academy of Orthopaedic Surgeons. Beginning with the January/ February 1998 issue, Academy members and subscribers can review JAAOS articles on the home page. Originally, the Academy only had abstracts of JAAOS articles on its web site. The articles can be found in the "Library" section.

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