August 1999 Bulletin


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Orthopaedists favor treatment of osteoporosis

Ready action plans to increase number of clinical scientists

Musculoskeletal conditions top list of diseases

Lots of work ahead to start AMA unionizing

Who can join bargaining unit

Texas does it again

Proposed E/M guidelines favor menu of examinations

AMA delegates ask Board of Trustees to act on E/M rules

Stakes are high, Aetna gives up 'filet mignon' Texas

Survey finds 275 MCO mergers, acquisitions

Chairman rushes to find programs for 10 residents

Doctors explore market share reimbursements

Retired orthopaedists help needy

Texas expands liability law for volunteers

Liability hinders health care

Bangladesh rewards orthopaedist's long service

Strong, weak points of top health sites

FTC cracks down on bogus health claims

No magic in good schedules

BONES tells hot marketing ideas from T-shirts to free lectures

Orthopaedists conduct research project at Special Olympics

What's new on AAOS home page

MedPAC urges revisions in Medicare GME payments

Managed care battle to move to U.S. House

Bargaining bill urged to protect patients

IG issues warning on hospitals paying doctors to cut costs

Texas approves 1st collective negotiation law

Here's how it works

In Brief

Computer Link: It pays to let computer do the work

Legal Issues: Guard against qui tam bounty hunters

Coding Corner: Be careful in coding consult or referral

Osteoporosis: bone density tests

Tests for fracture risk

Marketing in an HMO market

Across the President's Desk: Using the Internet to rebuild patient-physician relationship

Bone and Joint Decade update

Shalala told 'bounty' program wrong

Focus on 'troubled physician'

Cirque de Soleil to 'party' at OREF benefit

ABMS seeks career-long evaluations

Point of View: Weary of on-call, an orthopaedist retires

94.9 million people visit hospital emergency rooms

In Memoriam

How to select carrier that won't vanish

AHCPR opens new Internet service for hospital care data

Workshop focuses on injuries of female athletes

2000 Strategic Plan-Draft

AAOS urges hip fracture care reform

Academy/AOFAS join in courses on foot care

Summer Institute in 25th year at Seattle meeting

Test to be offered in two methods

Continuing medical education

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