August 1999 Bulletin

Test to be offered in two methods

In response to orthopaedists' increasing desire to purchase the Orthopaedic Knowledge Update (OKU) Home Study Program without requesting CME credit, Academy members will have two access methods to the home study program, starting next February.

The first method is the traditional, full program, providing up to 100 hours of category 1 CME credit in which the program participant reads the OKU, completes the examination for scoring, and receives a score report and answer book. The second option will allow a program participant to purchase the examination booklet and answer booklet without an answer sheet for submission. Participants in this effort will receive up to 20 hours of category 1 CME credit upon return of an evaluation survey. This second option closely mirrors the method for awarding credit for participation in the Orthopaedic Special Interest Examinations.

Participants choosing the second option will receive the two books as a package after the initial scoring of the examination, which is expected to occur February 1, 2000. Therefore, this new option will not be available until February of next year.

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